Crawfordsville lawmaker proposes bill to allow motorcyclists to proceed through stale red lights

Bikes often don't trigger stoplights

INDIANAPOLIS - A state lawmaker wants to give motorcyclists the right to proceed through red lights at Indiana intersections.

Crawfordsville Republican Rep. Tim Brown, who's a physician and a motorcycle enthusiast, says he's co-sponsoring the bill because many stoplights are magnetically triggered and motorcycles sometimes don't trigger them. He says that leaves motorcyclists idling and waiting for the red light to change to green.

   The bill would allow motorcyclist to proceed through a steady red light if they come to a complete stop for two minutes and ensure it's safe to proceed.

   Brown says the idea for the legislation came from discussions with motorcycle riders who have run into problems with lingering red lights.

   He tells the Journal & Courier the bill matches policy already in place in some states.

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