Hoosiers' reaction to Tuesday election results sharp, dramatic

Indiana residents weigh in on 2012 election

INDIANAPOLIS - "Ashamed," "elated," "confident" and "nauseated" -- those were just a few of the one-word responses Hoosiers provided when asked to react to Tuesday's election results.

Indiana residents, like most of the rest of the country, are glad to have the election season and its relentless campaigning over, but comfort with the outcome is varied, based on political persuasion and the importance of individual races to individual people.

Regardless of the comfort level with the outcome, there's no shortage of opinion, much of it strongly worded and dramatic.

Hundreds of responses were posted on the RTV6 Facebook wall to a simple request: "Fill in the blank: I feel ____ about the results of the election."

It took more than one word for some to express their feelings.

"(I'm) sick and scared and worried about my child's future in this country," said commenter Breanna Glembin.

"(I'm) inspired, happy and relieved," said commenter Linda Robinson.

Some are so displeased with the outcome, they are ramping up the rhetoric.

"About to pack up and move to Canada. This is outlandish," said commenter Tiffany Constantino.

"The end times are here, folks," commented Hazel Correll. "Prepare the best you can."

Other commenters think the detractors are going overboard.

"The end of the world is near, seriously?" commented Heidi Seidel.

"We should all think positive, and maybe the country would be better off instead of negativity," said Melita Hudson. "The majority has spoken, so go with it."

Some were just happy to have had the opportunity to make a choice and that the process was peaceful.

"I am glad that I live in a country where I can vote the way I want and feel good about it," said commenter Bonnie Butler.

"I'm grateful every time an election concludes successfully without morons shooting each other," said Michael Cozzi. "The orderly transfer or confirmation of power is the lifeblood of a democracy."

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