Indiana PTA joins discussion over Common Core standards, pushing for implementation

PTA says schools already invested in Common Core

INDIANAPOLIS - The fight over using Common Core education standards in Indiana is heating up, as the Indiana PTA sounds a new alarm over the plan to remove the guidelines from Hoosier schools.

Indiana PTA says some school districts have already spent two years planning and making purchasing decisions based on the implementation of Common Core, and it's too late to turn back now.

"Let's follow through with what we've started and let's see how it plays out, instead of switching mid-stream and causing the school systems to have to go out and spend even more money to switch curriculum again," said Sharon Wise, president of Indiana PTA, which represents 24,000 parents and students.

Wise also said she believes students need the continuity and the high standards of Common Core.

There is an element that wants to scuttle Common Core, and those folks rallied at the Statehouse earlier this year.

State Sen. Scott Schneider said the state should set its own standards and is championing legislation to, at least temporarily, pull the plug on Common Core.

"We are really ceding local ability to set public policy or education policy in Indiana when we go to Common Core," Schneider said. "I think that's not the right move. We're going backwards instead of forward."

The bill has passed out of the Senate, but Schneider said his colleagues in the House have some concerns about it. The House has yet to vote.

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