Push to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana dead at Statehouse

Small stores pleased with outcome

INDIANAPOLIS - A push to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana is dead at the Statehouse.

Rep. Bill Davis, R-Portland, the chairman of the House committee that heard the bill last week, confirmed to RTV6's Norman Cox that there will be no more hearings on the proposal.

The Indiana Retail Council wants the ban lifted, saying it is unfair to consumers and costs the state $9 million in lost revenue, while smaller package liquor stores say lifting the ban would make it tougher to compete with the larger grocery store chains.

Grant Monahan, president of the Indiana Retail Council, said grocery and convenience stores operators who wanted Sunday sales are disappointed.


"Clearly in the testimony that came out in the committee hearing last week, I think we made a convincing case that customers want convenience in the marketplace. They want price competition," Monahan said. "They want to do all their shopping on the second-busiest shopping day of the week, and House Bill 1146 would have done that."
John Livengood, lobbyist for package store owners, said he is delighted with the decision to hold no more hearings.
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