Republican Richard Mourdock blames 'liberal media' in loss, asks for money to pay down campaign debt

Mourdock lost to Donnelly

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock is accusing the media of sinking his run for the Senate as he looks to pay down campaign debt.

Mourdock campaign finance director Ashlee Walls wrote in an email to supporters Tuesday saying the Republican Senate candidate was "caught in the liberal media cross hairs." She's asking for donations to cover remaining bills.

"We fought back and invested heavily in a last-minute push to combat the slew of false accusations Democrats and the liberal media churned up to distract voters," she wrote. "Unfortunately, scrapping hard for every last vote to defeat (U.S. Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid left us with a few last minute bills to pay."

Mourdock lost to Democrat Joe Donnelly last month in the race for Sen. Richard Lugar's seat.

Mourdock's comments in an October debate that rape resulting from pregnancy is "something God intended" dominated coverage during the final weeks of the race. Mourdock refused to apologize for the remark, and Democrats spent heavily for ads repeating it for voters.

Donnelly's surprise victory helped Democrats build a 55-45 seat edge in the incoming Senate.

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