Protesters Rally Against 'Unfair' Marriage Laws

Same-Sex Couples Denied Licenses At Monroe County Courthouse

Couples in wedding dresses and suits filed through the Monroe County Courthouse Thursday to protest the denial of marriage licenses to same-sex partners.

The peaceful demonstration took place throughout the day in downtown Bloomington, with protesters holding signs in support of marriage equality, 6News' Ben Morriston reported.

Renee Reed and Stephanie Burks were two of the people applying for a marriage license, but they were told that same-sex marriages are not allowed in Indiana.

"We are denied so many rights that heterosexual couples are given just for being married," Burks said.

Rev. Evan McMahon was on hand at Thursday's rally, holding a sign that asked, "Would Jesus Discriminate?"

"If Monroe County decides to issue a marriage license, I will be here to perform a marriage for anybody who wants one," he said.

Protesters said they're upset that Indiana is lagging behind much of the country in refusing to recognize same-sex marriages.

Even though gay and lesbian couples could get legally married in Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, those rights would not carry over if they moved back to Indiana.

While Thursday's protest was not interrupted by those with opposing views, not everyone at the courthouse agreed with the rally's message.

"I think it's between a man and a woman. Marriage is that," said Sean Gary, who was there to apply for a marriage license with fiancée Natalie Pierce. "I mean, that's the way God made it, and that's the way the rules say it."

Monroe County officials told the protesters that they should take their concerns to state lawmakers.