Radio Personality Makes Fun Of BMV Over Registration Delay

Local radio personality Dave O'Brien has listeners chuckling about his long wait for a vehicle registration.

O'Brien, morning show co-host on 97.1 FM, is running a phone-in contest in which listeners guess which day he will receive his registration from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. O'Brien, one of several Indiana residents who had registration difficulties after the BMV's troubled July 4 computer upgrade, said he has waited more than two months for his renewal request to be processed -- and more than a month since his old registration expired.

"I have high hopes that it will be here by 2007," O'Brien told 6News' Norman Cox. "Because at that point, they're just going to have to send me an '08 sticker."

O'Brien said he mailed his renewal form to the BMV on the day he received it in late June. Shortly before July 31 -- the day his old registration was to expire -- he called the agency to say his new registration hadn't arrived.

"They sent me one of those 60-day extensions that I had to print out and am supposed to tape to the back window of my car. And here it is September, and I still don't have my registration," O'Brien said.

So, O'Brien ran on his show a comedy skit making fun of the BMV, and he started the contest, called BMV Bingo.

The winner of the contest will receive a certificate to a skin-care spa. He said he has received entries stretching from this month to Christmas.

Kidding is part of his job, but O'Brien said he was seriously upset by an interview that BMV Commissioner Joel Silverman did with 6News on Aug. 2. During that interview, Silverman said that motorists customers with July 31 registration renewal deadlines should have made their transactions on time despite the computer mess.

"The thing that I have the problem with the BMV the most about was when Joel Silverman said that people who had not received their registration yet were probably at fault for not sending it in enough time," O'Brien said. "And, again, I sent mine in the day I got it."

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