Samuel L. Jackson (hearts) 'Boy Meets World' & April Fools Day pranks hit the Internet, again

April Fools', according to Google: While your Facebook friends may be taking the lazy way out and posting simple, “I’m pregnant…April Fools!” status updates, Google sure knows how to make you do a double take. I have to admit, I did think Gmail Shelfie was maybe not fake for a second there.

The Return of Clippy: Remember that buddy who kept you entertained during your long hours in Microsoft Word? Well, he returned this week – sorta.

Social media shares April Fools' spirit: We perused a number of platforms to find the best or worst April 1st pranks our fans, followers, and friends have either been a part of--or of which they found themselves on the receiving end. Here are a few:

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Gmail turns 10. It’s not an April Fools' prank: Gmail turned 10 on April 1st. Is it just me or does it seem like Gmail has been around a lot longer than only 10 years?!

The golden age of covert ops are over. This week we learned that the U.S. rolled out a social media initiative to get Cubans talking to each other  in ways its own government discourages. Then, the grant money ran out. 

Of all the latte art you’d like to see… This probably is not one of the designs . A Louisiana woman complained to Starbucks through Facebook that her barista ornamented her latte with satanic symbols. She was willing to excuse the pentagram, but the giant “666” drizzle in caramel was the breaking point.

FINALLY!  Boxes, be gone! Twitter now supports emojis on its web platform! Emoji lovers (slowly raises hand), rejoice!

Samuel L. Jackson loves ‘Boy Meets World.’ I have seen every episode of this show. Apparently, so has Samuel L. Jackson.

Did someone get ya really good this year on April 1st? Think you can slam some BMW poetry better than THE Samuel L. Jackson? Connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak and let's chat!

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