Scam Targets Indiana Medicare Recipients

Callers Ask For Personal Information

Officials warned consumers of a scam that is targeting Medicare beneficiaries in Indiana, soliciting personal information in possible identity theft attempts.

The Indiana Association of Area Agencies said Thursday that scammers have been calling from a Florida-based phone number, claiming to be from Medicare or "Medcare".

Tamra Simpson, a program director for Senior Medicare Patrol, said that recipients from all over the state have been receiving the calls.

"The callers initially seem legitimate because they already know the beneficiary's name, doctor and medical condition," Simpson said. "Reports say each caller has a foreign accent and offers diabetic testing supplies, heating pads, back braces and free blood pressure testing supplies."

Simpson said that the caller then asks beneficiaries for their Medicare number, maiden name of the patient's parent and, sometimes, the patients' date of birth.

Officials asked anyone who has received a similar solicitation to call 800-986-3505.