Semi pileup and lost pontoon boat block I-80/90 morning traffic

LAKE COUNTY, Ind. - State police said a driver who was traveling too fast in slick conditions lost control of her car early Wednesday morning, which led to a semi pileup on Interstate 80/90 in northwest Indiana. Traffic was further backed up due to a pontoon boat crashing to the ground from one of the semis.

Indiana State Police (ISP) investigators said at roughly 5:40 a.m., a passenger car - driven by Desiree Hamtpon, 22, of Hammond, Ind. - was headed east in the left lane of I-80/90 near Cline Avenue. ISP said the area was seeing snowfall and Hampton lost control of the car, spinning out and hitting the concrete median barrier. It bounced back into traffic and came to rest in the roadway.

Investigators said a semi loaded with five pontoon boats was eastbound in the center lane when the driver saw Hampton’s car ahead. The semi driver hit his brakes and swerved to avoid the car, causing the semi to jack-knife.

ISP said next, a second semi - also eastbound - braked, swerved left, hit the concrete barrier and was hit by the first semi.

Next, a third semi driver hit his brakes and was unable to avoid the first two semis.

ISP said one of the pontoon boats on the first semi came off the trailer and landed in the eastbound lanes.

No drivers were injured and no other loads were lost from the semis.

Investigators said all eastbound lanes were closed until roughly two hours after the crash, and Hampton was cited for speeding too fast for conditions.

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