Student Says Teacher Exposed Himself In Class

Middle School Math Teacher Suspended

Shelbyville school officials won't reveal why a middle school math teacher has been suspended, but a student told 6News that the man exposed himself during class.

The math teacher, whose name was not released and who had not been charged as of Monday, was suspended with pay after an alleged incident in his classroom on Wednesday, said district spokeswoman Kim Owens.

While the school system and police were tightlipped about what may have occurred in the classroom, one student told 6News' Derrik Thomas that the man exposed himself to students.

"There was a hole in his pants and they could see his private parts and they thought it was kind of disgusting," said student Robert Byrd.

Byrd's father, John Byrd, said he was alarmed by what his son said had happened.

"I don't think he should be around the children if that's what's going on. I mean, if it was an accident, accidents happen," he said.

School officials notified parents in a note Thursday that the teacher had been suspended, but they did not give any further details. Owens stressed that no students were harmed.

"I can just reassure our parents the school responded immediately and appropriate action has been taken," she said.

Some parents said the community should avoid rushing to judgment.

"Sometimes kids say and do things that maybe it's not really as it seems, maybe it wasn't as bad was it was, or maybe it was bad. We don't know. It should be heard by the authorities first," said Marianne Memorian.

School officials said the teacher had been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the police investigation.