Supermarket Slammed For Reneging On Facebook Coupon

Marsh: Coupon Distributed In Unauthorized Manner

Hundreds of angry commenters have swamped a local supermarket's page after the grocer pulled an online coupon.

Marsh Supermarkets originally posted a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more on its page.

But on Friday, the company announced it would no longer honor the deal because the offer had been "widely distributed in an unauthorized manner throughout our marketing area."

While the supermarket chain offered an apology, fans and fellow shoppers flooded the page with more than 200 angry comments, railing against Marsh.

"I really hope someone in Marsh's marketing department gets fired for this!" wrote Andy Dudelston of Indianapolis. "Why tell people to distribute them and then recind (sic) the offer because of people sharing them! And I thought that Marsh was beginning to understand today's marketplace, unfortunately I think I was wrong!"

"I am so done with Marsh. After receiving this news, I literally took out the kitchen shears and cut my Fresh Idea card to pieces. Neither my husband or I will ever step foot in a Marsh Store again," wrote Tina Malone of Greenwood

A Marsh spokeswoman reiterated the message posted on the supermarket's page. The company has more than 2,600 fans on the social networking site.