Surveillance Video Seals Shooter's Fate In Pub Slaying

Man Convicted Of Murder In 2009 Shooting

Graphic surveillance footage was key to convicting a man Wednesday in a fatal shooting outside an Indianapolis pub last year.

Joel Rowley, 36, of Indianapolis, was found guilty of murder and being a habitual offender in the March 2009 death of Leon Pepper, 25, outside Kelly's Pub, near 56th Street and Georgetown Road.

The business had 16 surveillance cameras throughout its parking lot, providing police and prosecutors with multiple angles of the crime, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.

Video used in court shows Pepper leaving the pub and getting into a fight with two people outside. Rowley then comes up behind Pepper and shoots him in the back.

"In the absence of the videotape, there's not even a case. There is no trial. Nobody could identify who the shooter was," Rowley's attorney, Allan Reid, said outside court. "The presence of the videotape was just killer in this particular case."

Even though the jury had the benefit of the surveillance footage, members still deliberated for more than four hours before arriving at a verdict.

Joel Rowley

"In this situation, we could play the videotape to the jury and they could see the ID of the shooter. That helped with that element, but in other ways, there is still the mental aspect of the intent, and it's still a difficult case in many ways," said Deputy Prosecutor Mark Busby.

Rowley could receive 75 to 90 years in prison. His sentencing is set for Jan. 19.