Suspect In Woman's Carjacking Arrested

Man Crashed Stolen Car During Chase, Police Say

A man who police believe carjacked a woman who escaped by rolling out of her vehicle two weeks ago was arrested Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.

Police said they found Jeffery Burger, 45, driving the car that was stolen from Cidney Smith on Aug. 10. Burger led officers on a chase and wrecked the car at 38th Street and High School Road, 6News' Jack Rinehart reported.

Burger (pictured) was arrested after the wreck, which slightly injured a woman and a child. Further details about the wreck weren't immediately available.

Police said they held Burger at the wreck site until they could contact Smith and get her to the scene so she could look at him. When she arrived, she identified Burger as the man who carjacked her outside Castleton Square Mall on Aug. 10.

"I got out of my car and I saw him and I literally had a nervous breakdown because it was him. That hair -- everything was so distinct," Smith said. "It's just very scary but I'm glad he's off and he's in jail."

Woman Dialed 911 During Carjacking

Authorities said Smith, 21, had just entered her car outside the mall on Aug. 10 when a man pushed her into the passenger seat, held a knife to her throat and told her he needed to drive her car.

As the man started driving with Smith on the passenger-side floor, she grabbed her cell phone, secretly dialed 911 and let a dispatcher listen as Smith talked to the carjacker.

Cidney Smith

Police released a recording of the 911 call. The following is part of the conversation, according to police:

    Smith: Sir, are you going to hurt me?

    Man: I promise you, I'm not going to hurt you.

    Smith: Do you swear?

    Man: (Unintelligible.)

    Smith: Do you swear to God?

    Man: Swear to God. I just need to get out of here.

The recording reveals that Smith managed to mention her car's description and location while talking to the man.

    Smith: You're going to keep my red Volkswagen?

    Man: Yes.

    Smith: And are we taking 86th Street? Where are we going?

    Man: (Unintelligible.) I'm desperate.

    Smith: Are you going to rape me? Are you going to kill me?

    Man: No. I'm not a rapist. I robbed somebody.

Just before the carjacker got onto Interstate 465, Smith opened a door and rolled out onto some grass, she told police.

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