7-year-old Oregon girl with cancer using medical marijuana, mom under fire

MyKayla Purchase, 7, is undergoing chemo

GLADSTONE, Ore. - A mother from Gladstone, Oregon is under fire for giving her daughter pills injected with concentrated marijuana oil. 

In Oregon, there is no age limit for the medical marijuana program and nearly 50 children are enrolled. 

Erin Purchase's daughter, MyKayla, is one of them. 

MyKayla was diagnosed with leukemia last year and is undergoing chemotherapy. 

MyKayla's family says she takes one medical marijuana pill each day instead of the 7 to 10 prescriptions she would normally have to take. 

Her mother says the pills help ease the side effects of chemotherapy. 

"She is happier," Purchase said. "She has more energy. She's eating like she used to. She doesn't have a lot of nausea." 

Purchase says she respects people's views, but doesn't see a problem with her daughter using medical marijuana because she's not smoking it. 


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