California mom says bully broke her son's leg and school hasn't done much about it

SAN DIEGO - A local mother said a bully put her son in the hospital with a broken leg, and she told 10News the school district has done very little to handle the situation.

Janine Ortiz contacted RTV6 sister station 10News after her 12-year-old son, who has special needs, had to undergo extensive surgery at Rady Children's Hospital for a broken femur.

Ortiz said her son now has metal plates fused to his thigh bone and months of recovery and rehabilitation ahead of him.

"He has a plate, six screws in his femur bone, and he had grafting done on his bone," Ortiz told 10News.

According to Ortiz, her son was recently attacked at Hilltop Middle School in Chula Vista.

"He said some child, some student who was harassing him, he had a couple days where he wanted to fight him, but my son is special needs so he didn't know how to process a threat," Ortiz said.

Ortiz told 10News that it was during PE class where students watched as another student kicked her son from behind.

"He said he was talking to a friend, the child came up from behind and kicked him in his femur bone, which caused it to break, and my son just fell on the ground," said Ortiz.

Paramedics were called, and Ortiz's son was taken to Rady Children's Hospital. The school told Ortiz that the student accused of attacking her son had been disciplined, but she is not satisfied with that.

"I don't even feel safe enough for him to return to his school ... because you know he feels scared. He's just terrified," said Ortiz.

10News called and visited Hilltop Middle School and the Sweetwater Union High School District, but no one was available to talk due to the three-day weekend.

Meanwhile, Ortiz said her son will be in the hospital for at least a month. She said she hopes parents will talk to their kids not only about being bullied, but about being bullies.

"It's gone too far; kids are not being nice anymore, you know?" Ortiz said.

Ortiz told 10News she plans on pulling her son out of Hilltop Middle School and will file a police report on Tuesday with the Chula Vista Police Department.

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