California woman wants to shut down bullfighting school

'I consider it torture and cruelty'

SAN DIEGO - A Los Angeles woman is trying to shut down the California Academy of Tauromaquia, which is based in San Diego.

Owner Coleman Cooney told sister station 10News he has been teaching bullfighting since 1997.

"They would practice the art en campo; countryside, at ranches; that is, effectively, a non-lethal form of bullfighting," he said. "Oh, I will train people to kill. I will do that but most of the time I'm training people to go to campo."

Michelle Sibinovic does not like it and has garnered more than 23,000 electronic signatures on an online petition.

"I don't consider that a skill, I consider it torture and cruelty," she said. "I think when more people learn about what he is doing here in Southern California, they're going to speak out loudly about it."

Bullfighting is a remnant of the past. Cooney is taking a small group – four or five people – to central Mexico during the first week of December.

"We go to one of Mexico's most historic bull ranches," he said. "It's drenched in tradition. It's effectively a tauro resort. It's where amateurs go to take a vacation that involves bullfighting."

He added that sometimes there is a kill.

"I had a student who killed a bull on his honeymoon in the south of France," said Cooney.

Sibinovic said she is patient.

"I'm not looking for attention. I'm looking to shut his academy down," she said. "This is for the bulls."

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