Cleveland man creates life-size Transformers Halloween display

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland man has created a life-size Halloween display in his Wichita Avenue front yard.

Pete Marin has four giant characters from the movie Transformers decorating his yard for Halloween.

In the past, Marin created large, spooky Halloween displays. After the movie Transformers premiered in 2007, Marin decided to do something different.

He started by building a 12-foot-tall model of the character Bumblebee. The process took about three months, but Marin didn’t stop there.

Over the next few years, Marin built and added three more characters to the display. Along with Bumblebee, there is also an 18-foot-tall Optimus Prime, Megatron sitting on the roof of the front porch and Barricade.

Marin builds all the Transformers out of his garage. He said it takes about an hour to an hour and half to assemble the characters each year.

At night, the display is lit up with music from the Transformers movie playing in the background.

Marin said he enjoys creating the display because it entertains the neighborhood.

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