Customer has meltdown with service reps, 5-minute phone call goes viral

It has happened to all of us: You call your credit card, phone or cable company trying to get help with a problem, and you get nowhere.

The first customer service rep you reach can't help you, so they try to send you to a "supervisor." The supervisor isn't there, or the call gets lost, and you have to start again.

Or they put you on hold while they "look up your account," and 20 minutes later you are still on hold. Your call is lost while they go to lunch, get a smoke, or simply forget about you.

As tempting as it is to scream your lungs out at the next person you reach, that is usually not the best way to get help.
In fact, people who scream at customer service reps often get blacklisted by a company.  People who threaten violence often end up under arrest for terroristic threatening.

One Man's Outburst Goes Viral

YouTube and social media sites are exploding with a taped five-minute tirade from a customer of a home security company who blew up in frustration.

Gawker has a full report on the call and you can listen to the call below or on YouTube at (The video does contain strong language)

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