Federal regulators push new effort to require recording devices in vehicles

Black boxes would give precise info after a crash


Federal regulators have plans to push a new effort to record how you are driving. 

One government agency is proposing to require data recorders in vehicles, but privacy experts are hoping for a detour of the plan.

If the effort is approved, all new cars and trucks will be equipped with a black box similar to one in an airplane.

The boxes will be able to decipher if a driver was speeding or driving erratically when an accident occurred.

This information would help investigators better determine the cause of an accident.  

Automakers would also benefit from real information about how vehicles are performing.

Many vehicles are already equipped with the boxes, but the government did not require automakers to disclose that information until three months ago.

Privacy experts call the technology intrusive and have concerns that the boxes could lead to unintended use of the recorded information, such as someone being able to track your every move while you are out.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to announce the rules for the boxes in the next few days.

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