Georgia Tech fraternity suspended over 'rapebait' email

ATLANTA - A fraternity at Georgia Tech is in damage-control mode after a "disturbing" email went viral.

One of its members sent an email offering pledges advice on how to seduce women with the help of alcohol. The instructions became increasingly vulgar from that point on, ABC News reported.

The email was sent by a member of the Alpha Ro chapter of Phi Kappa Tau a few weeks ago.

It instructed pledge brothers on how to interact with girls at parties. At one point, the email suggests if all other moves fail, try to get the girl drunk.

The email then went on to tell the pledges to make sure to kick the girls out of their rooms right away after they have sex.

“So it’s offensive to every single girl. I don’t think any girl would be OK with that,” one student said.

The fraternity’s CEO released a statement saying the email is extremely inappropriate and does not reflect the values of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

The chapter has suspended the author of the email and has placed itself on suspension, CEO Steven Hartman said.

Georgia Tech also released a statement saying that it "does not condone this type of behavior," ABC News reported.

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