Gunmen lob grenades, fire at upscale Nairobi mall in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya - Gunmen used grenades and opened fire Saturday at Nairobi's most upscale mall, witnesses and police said.

   Hundreds of people eventually streamed out of the mall, and about half a dozen were bloodied from the attack by gunmen using AK-47s and grenades. The volleys of gunfire also moved outside the mall.

   Police arrived on foot about a half an hour after the attacks began, witnesses said.

   Rob Vandijk, who works at the Dutch embassy, said he was eating at a restaurant inside the mall when attackers lobbed hand grenades inside the building. He said gunfire then burst out and people screamed as they dropped to the ground.

   Nairobi police chief Benson Kibue said the gunmen had besieged the building, and officers were on the ground engaging the attackers. He said the men were trying to rob a shop within the mall.

   Cars were left abandoned outside the mall after the attack started around midday.

   The Westgate Shopping Mall is situated in Nairobi's affluent Westlands area and is frequented by expatriates and rich Kenyans.

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