Mom accused of placing her baby daughter in oven and trash can

Lalier M. Dillon faces several charges

CLEVELAND - A mother is accused of placing her infant daughter in an oven and then a trash can, police said.

Lalier M. Dillon, 22, of Cleveland, was charged with domestic violence, escape, endangering children and resisting arrest after a witness said he saw her place the baby in the oven at her home Wednesday night, WEWS reported. 

The witness removed the one-year-old from the oven, which was not turned on, and placed the child on the floor of the kitchen. Then, the police report indicates, Dillon picked the baby up and placed her in the trash can.

At this point, the witness told police he took the baby to a neighbor's house and called police.
According to the report, the woman told witnesses she was "sick of her kids" and that she was going to duct tape them.

According to the report, the woman slipped out of one of her handcuffs after police placed her in the cruiser and, when an officer opened the door, she kicked him and tried to escape.

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