New Mexico mom Melissa Torrez chases down 4-year-old daughter's abductor

Suspect charged with kidnapping, child abuse

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Melissa Torrez didn't even think when teenagers in her apartment complex said a man had just grabbed her 4-year-old daughter and drove away.

The New Mexico woman jumped in her car and began chasing the brown Buick through traffic, zigzagging on Interstate 40 at high speeds and staying with the car even as it bluffed trying to exit in an attempt to lose her.

Many are calling Torrez a hero. But she says she was just a mom following her instincts.

She says when she learned her child was missing, her "mind went blank" -- and she grabbed her keys, jumped in the car and "went looking for her."

Authorities said the child was uninjured -- and the suspect is in custody, charged with kidnapping and child abuse.

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