Nike announces 'Back to the Future' power-lacing shoes to be a reality in 2015

Finally, a little bit of that future-tech fiction seen in the 1980's classic “Back to the Future” trilogy will come true.

It might not be the coveted Mattel hoverboard, or the clean power generating Mr. Fusion by Mr. Coffee, but Nike is promising the next best thing – power-lacing shoes.

Nike made the announcement on shoe website Sole Collector and the news spread to various popular culture and technology blogs.

The self-tying shoes would be sold just in the nick-of-time – 2015.

As fans of the time traveling adventures of Doc Brown and Marty McFly might remember, in Back to the Future II, Marty travels to 2015 initially to save his children from themselves, but sparks a paradox instead.

Nike sold the Air Mags, the futuristic shoes without the power-lacing tech, in limited numbers (about 1,500) in 2011.

It’s unclear if the Air Mags will make a return to the market (and hopefully in larger numbers), or if a new show will sport the self-lacing tech.

Take a look at the clip that inspired it all below. (Mobile users, head here to watch.)

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