Nude-rights activist bride says 'I do' in the nude

SAN FRANCISCO - The bride wore white -- but not for long. For much of her nuptuals, she didn't wear anything at all.

Nude rights activist Gypsy Taub got hitched in front of San Francisco City Hall yesterday.

She started in a gown. But by the time the ceremony ended, she had dropped the dress and was wearing just a gauzy veil that didn't hide a thing.

The groom, Jaymz Smith, was also nude. After the naked "I Do"s the couple and some naked or barely dressed guests danced on the sidewalk.

The 44-year-old Taub is a mother of three and has been arrested repeatedly for violating San Francisco's public nudity ban. New hubby Smith is just 20.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports police cited the couple and several of their naked guests.

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