Ohio judge orders 'deadbeat' dad to avoid having more children until he can afford child support

Asim Taylor, 35, owes $97K in child support

ELYRIA, Ohio - An Ohio judge has ordered a deadbeat father to avoid having more children until he can support the four he has.

The ruling Wednesday from Judge James Walther in Lorain County involves the case against Asim Taylor, 35, of Elyria. He owes $97,000 in back child support and pleaded guilty.

If Taylor pays the overdue support, the judge's order will be lifted.

Defense attorney Douglas Merrill says the ruling is overreaching and violates Taylor's rights. He plans an appeal based on an Ohio Supreme Court ruling that overturned a similar order that focused on the mechanism for paying up.

The judge calls the order a matter of common sense, the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram reported.

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