Police: Toddler leaves home unnoticed by parents

PONTIAC, Mich. - Eleven children were removed from a home and Child Protective Services are investigating after a toddler slipped out of her Michigan home unnoticed by her parents.

The little girl was found wandering the neighborhood all alone at 1 a.m.

When deputies found her parents, they said conditions at the home were deplorable.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office deputies discovered the mess when neighbors spotted the 3-year-old girl trying to get into parked cars in the middle of the night.

The investigation led deputies to the Pontiac house, WXYZ reported.

"We're not talking to the news right now," said a person who answered the door at the home.

Deputies said the toddler was one of 11 kids living in the home and her parents didn't even notice she was missing. The kids were removed from the home, and Child Protective Services is investigating.

The 7 Action News team has learned the house had no running water and the backyard was filled with trash. So much trash, a dumpster was recently dropped off so it can be hauled away.

Neighborhood resident Jim Friend and his crew are putting up a new fence at a nearby home. They've had to deal with the stench of rotting trash and rats.

It has been an eyesore in a neighborhood that is making a comeback.

"It's horrible, you get some people that care, some people that don't," Friend said.

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