Shoplifting mom offered 2nd chance but employer changes mind

MIAMI - A struggling mother of three who resorted to shoplifting in order to feed her kids made national headlines after a police officer bought her groceries instead of arresting her.

Jessica Robles got a second chance when a Florida telecommunications company heard about her story and offered her a job to help her get back on her feet. However, when Robles showed up to work after taking two buses and a train, the company rescinded the offer.

"(The company) said something about my background check. I didn't pass. I never had any problem with my background before, so I don't know. It's very emotional, you know," Robles said.

The company said Robles did not pass a security clearance and that they had concerns about her associates.

The company also said it received backlash on its decision to hire a shoplifter.

To make amends, the company has promised to help Robles find other job opportunities.

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