"Sochi Problems" handle snarkily tweets failures of 2014 winter Olympics

Anyone who's even mildly in touch with the Internet has probably already figured out that many visitors, journalists and tourists in Sochi, Russia, for the winter Olympic games have arrived to less-than-satisfactory conditions.

Journalists staying in Sochi took to social media this week to share their frustrations with hotel accommodations. Heat and water appear to be minimal for members of the media staying there.

And journalists haven't been the only ones noticing the issues in Sochi. The problems have even spawned a Twitter handle that tweets and re-tweets snags in Olympic planning and execution. The handle, @SochiProblems, has nearly 200,000 Twitter followers as of Friday morning. That's roughly 60,000 more followers than the actual Twitter handle for the 2014 Olympics, @Sochi2014.

Take a look at some of @SochiProblems' tweets below. (Mobile users, head here to see our story in a compatible view with your device or go to the Twitter feed directly.) 


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