State lawmaker complains about trooper; officer claims he was following an "unwritten policy"

A Florida state trooper is fighting to get his job back, after he was fired for not writing a speeding ticket for a state lawmaker.

The story begins last November when Florida Highway Patrol trooper Charles Swindle pulled over state Rep. Charles McBurney, for driving 87 mph in a 70 mph zone, according to Yahoo! News.  After checking with his sergeant, Swindle told McBurney "I'm cutting you a break" and cited him for lacking proof of insurance. That citation only costs $10, compared to the $280 citation McBurney could have faced.

But McBurney was not pleased with how the whole situation went down.  Yahoo! News reports McBurney wrote to Swindle's superiors, complaining that the trooper favored state lawmakers.  The letter started an internal investigation.  Two weeks ago, Swindle was fired for "conduct unbecoming a public employee." 

Swindle is fighting his dismissal, saying FHP had an unwritten policy of letting state lawmakers off easy at traffic stops.  The FHP denies this claim.

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