Study: Daycare costs can be more than freshman year of college

ARIZONA - Many parents are facing a struggle when paying for daycare.

A new study shows a year of daycare can cost more than freshman year of college.

Charlotte Shaff and her husband work full time. With a business to run and a house to manage, getting their young children ready in the morning can be a bit of a task.

Daycare costs the Shaffs $400 a week and nearly $10,000 a year per child.

But they said the steep price is worth it.

"The daycare we send them to provides more for them than we could provide," her husband said.

According to non-profit Child Care Aware of America, the average price for a year of infant childcare in Arizona was $8,671.

Arizona State University charges about $10,000 for incoming freshman.

Within the last year, childcare costs nationwide grew eight times the rate of incomes.

The most expensive state was Oregon, quickly followed by New York.

"I think you need to have a solid base of education and a foundation for your kids," Shaff said.

For Shaff, as long as she can shell out the money, she said her kids will go. But if she loses any business, she will have to readjust.

Child Care Aware of America said childcare can average 13 percent of a couple's income, and about 35 percent for a single parent.

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