Weary of playing fetch? iFetch wears your dog out for you, ball, after ball, after ball

No doubt, playing fetch with the family dog can be a whole lot of fun. 
But some dogs just can't seem to get enough of a good thing and the owner can often lose interest long before Fido does.
Enter iFetch . This electronic gadget throws the ball for you. 
It uses a small tennis ball and is designed for small to medium sized dogs. If tennis balls aren't a favorite, other similar sized balls (40mm diameter) work as well.
If your dog is really into the fetch thing, he or she just brings the ball back and drops it into the iFetch's wide-mouth hopper. The gizmo then winds up and they're off to the races again.
iFetch was funded through kickstarter.com, the web site that helps launch startups.
According to Kickstarter , the project was successfully funded a little more than a year ago. The designers, the Hamill family of Austin, Texas, was looking to raise $20,000. They wound up raising $88,221 with 1,271 backers.
Dogster.com tried out iFetch and arrived at this bottom line: "For the ball-obsessed dog, iFetch launches mini tennis balls with ease so you don’t have to."
Want one ? 100 bucks and you own it.
There is a pretty amusing video on YouTube that shows a miniature Dachshund going to town with an iFetch.
See the video below or watch it here: http://youtu.be/dP7wlZTtxk8

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