Weekend storm system to impact several states

Severe weather, snow and ice

A St. Patrick’s Day weekend storm is brewing over southern Texas that’ll bring a little bit of something for everyone. There will be severe thunderstorms, snow and ice.

This particular low-pressure system will form in south Texas late Friday night and into Saturday morning. From there, it’ll travel to the east-northeast.

Round 1: Saturday
The first round of weather will occur midday in east Texas. That’s where we’ll see a chance for severe thunderstorm development. Strong, damaging winds and large hail are going to be the biggest threats. At the same time, parts of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana will see rain showers with the small possibility for a few rumbles of thunder. By Saturday night, the precipitation continues to expand as cold air slides in from the north. This could cause a few snow showers in Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois.

Round 2: Sunday
The entire system continues to travel along the Ohio River, bringing rain to the Southeast and the Tennessee Valley. Because the cold air continues to travel south and east, the rain-snow line looks close to the Ohio River, which means parts of southern Illinois, southern Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania may start with some rain showers, but end up with snow showers at the end of the day and lasting into the overnight.

Round 3: St. Patrick’s Day
By early next week, the luck of the Irish won’t be with the Mid-Atlantic states. Snow showers will be falling from Massachusetts down to northern Virginia while the Southeast is looking at some rain showers.

Exact rain and snow amounts are difficult to pin down this early. Initial model runs are showing numbers as high as a foot in higher elevations in the Appalachians. In lower elevations, snowfall totals are showing up with less than six inches. Model runs into the weekend will likely have a better handle on exact numbers. For now, one thing is for sure: this is a fast moving system with a lot of moisture. Chances are, this storm system will bring an amount of snow that’s unusual for this late in March.

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