Whistleblower: 5 Dogs Survived Euthanasia Attempts

Rushville Suspends Shelter Director

Rushville suspended its animal shelter's director over allegations that five dogs have survived euthanasia attempts there since August, including a dog that lived despite spending several days in a freezer.

Shelter director Jack Hill's suspension followed the allegations made by Rushville animal control officer Jamie Glandon, who said she recently found a dog -- Gabby -- alive in a freezer four days after it was believed to have been euthanized, 6News' Rick Hightower reported Wednesday.

The shelter's freezer is where the carcasses of euthanized animals are placed until they can be discarded.

"I went into the freezer to dispose of an animal, and (Gabby) popped her head up out of a barrel," said Glandon, who added that dead animals were piled around the survivor.

Glandon said orders were given to try to euthanize Gabby (pictured) again, but she took the dog to a veterinarian before another attempt could be made.

Glandon said four other dogs survived euthanasia attempts since the summer: a border collie in August and three black lab puppies in October.

She said that after 6News talked to her Wednesday, police confiscated her computer at the shelter. She said she believes her job is in jeopardy because she spoke about the failed euthanasia attempts.

Jamie Glandon

Glandon said she wouldn't reveal where Gabby is, but she hopes to place the dog in a home once it has recovered.

"Gabby is in hiding. She is somewhere where she is safe, and she is recuperating," Glandon said. "We're not making her location known to anybody for safety reasons for her."

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