Woman says devil made her kill neighbor's cat

Woman held in Oregon jail

MILWAUKIE, Ore. - A woman from Oregon accused of killing a neighbor's cat said the devil made her do it.

Police said Ashley Guldager, 21, strapped the cat to a table using jumper cables and tampered with the cat's body, using scissors, a knife, a plastic razor and a cigarette butt.

Deputies said the cat died of asphyxiation.

Guldager said she believes her body was possessed and that Satan told her to kill the cat.

"My body was there. I was sitting there like this, and there was something else doing it, like it just used me," Guldager said.

The neighbor told authorities that her cat, 9-year-old Mama Kitty, had been missing for three days.

Guldager is scheduled to undergo a mental evaluation. She was being held on $100,000 bail.

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