Woman Upset After Church Posts Choir Director's Bail

Man Charged With Molesting Two Boys

A local church raised money to post bond for a choir director who is accused of molesting two boys, upsetting the boys' mother and surprising police, RTV6's Jack Rinehart reported Monday.

The Refuge Temple Revival Center raised more than $5,000 during a yard sale last week to free 28-year-old Oshea Otis from jail. Otis, the son of the church's pastor, had been arrested Aug. 11 and is charged with molesting two boys over an 18-month period at the pastor's home.

The boys' mother, a former member of the church who spoke to RTV6 on condition of anonymity, said she is alarmed that the church's members don't believe her children's allegations.

"They're not the type of children to make up these things," the woman said. "For the church to support (Oshea Otis) as if it was nothing, I feel that it's very wrong and unfair to my kids -- something they have to suffer with for the rest of their lives."

The pastor said the allegations against his son are false, and that the woman is out for revenge.

"She is evil. She has no kind of remorse toward her soul," the Rev. Paul Otis said. "I'm telling you, that girl, she (doesn't) even care for her own soul."

Indianapolis police said they believe that in posting bond for Oshea Otis, church members didn't get the full story behind the allegations. Detective Steve Buchanan said the allegations involve details about inappropriate touching that causes him to believe the children.

"They're not the normal allegations that you would hear about," Buchanan said.

Paul Otis said his son would remain the church's choir director. A trial is expected to occur later this year.

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