Blue Crew Sports Grill, Indianapolis Colts fan hangout, abruptly closes

Colts fan hangout shuts its doors

INDIANAPOLIS - Colts owner Jim Irsay has stepped in to try to keep the doors open to the popular Blue Crew Sports Grill.

Owner Randy Collins posted on a message on the restaurant/bar's Facebook page Thursday saying that he had fallen behind on rent at the bar's 96th Street building and that he found he was locked out of the building Thursday morning.

Amid an uproar amongst Colts fans, Irsay posted a cryptic message on Twitter on Thursday night.

"Randy called me and said.'..Got mashed potatoes...can't get no T-Bone!!!..' I said we'll float that rent fer a little bit n keep rockin'," the post read.

Pete Ward, the Colts' chief operating officer, told RTV6 Sports Director Dave Furst that Irsay's intent is to lend a hand to help keep the operation afloat.

No other specifics were released.

The Blue Crew's woes began in 2011, when the Colts won just two games, Collins said, adding that last season was fun, but there were no huge crowds because Indianapolis played most of its games on Sunday afternoon instead of the primetime appearances they had made in years past.

"It's just finances. It's a tough business. The one bad year we had was pretty tough, but then last year we regrouped a little bit," Collins said. "I'm an independent guy when it comes down to paying your rent and different odds and ends bills. It's just a tough business.”

Collins said he's afraid he will lose the memorabilia he has acquired over the years.

"The bad part is I'm probably going to lose everything that I have in there. If you’ve been in there, you’ve seen everything, so it’s going to be a tough pill to swallow to lose all my Peyton Manning jerseys, my other jerseys," Collins said. "There’s a lot of history in there.”

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