Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning -- Who would you rather have in Indianapolis?

Colts fans still divided as both teams succeed

INDIANAPOLIS - The Peyton Manning/Andrew Luck decision has worked out well for both Indianapolis and Denver, but it's still hard for Colts fans to let the man who led them to so much success go, even with the strong effort Luck has put in this season.

On paper, many of the statistics are comparable. Indianapolis is 9-4, achieving success that no one thought they would with a rookie quarterback and a young team.

Denver is 10-3, and Manning has put to rest the notion that he would never be himself again after undergoing shoulder surgeries.

Luck has thrown for nearly 3,600 yards passing so far this season, with 17 touchdowns to go along with 16 interceptions. Luck and former Purdue quarterback Drew Brees are tied for the most interceptions in the league.

Manning has thrown for 3,812 yards, with 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, making Broncos fans ecstatic to have him.

While Luck's performance this season has won over a lot of supporters, Manning still tugs on the heartstrings of many Indianapolis fans.

"(I prefer) Luck, although I wish Manning had retired here as a Colt," Ginger Biddinger commented on RTV6's Facebook wall.

"I'm exceedingly happy to have Luck tossing the ball. However, I miss the strong character and selflessness Manning brought to Indianapolis," commented Michael English.

Others are glad the Colts moved on and opened a new era.

"Manning who? Luck is doing so much better than Manning did in his rookie year, and it seems like Luck's offensive players are not what Peyton had in his rookie year," commented Paula Hines.

Some responders had a hard time with the question.

"Luck is doing an outstanding job. What the Colts did to Manning still deeply hurts a lot of us," commented Linda Shepherd.

Either way, fans will be eager to see how the rest of the season plays out and what the fortunes of the Colts and Broncos will be.

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