Ex-Colts player Quinn Pitcock opens up to Katie Couric about videogame addiction that ruined career

Quinn Pitcock retired from Colts after 1 season

INDIANAPOLIS - A former Colts player is speaking out about a video game addiction he blames for ruining his career.

Quinn Pitcock, a defensive tackle drafted by the Colts in 2007, told Katie Couric on Wednesday's "Katie" that his issues began when he moved to Indianapolis.

"All of a sudden, I was away from everybody. I became secluded from friends, family. I stopped going to my workouts, stopped doing what I needed to do for my professional career," he said. "I called my agent and said, 'Look, I'm done with football. I can't do it right now. It's not for me anymore.'"

Pitcock left the Colts after just one season, citing depression. The Colts offered to help, but Pitcock said he slipped deeper into his addiction.

"Once I did quit the NFL, my addiction got even worse, and that's when I really got into the 18 plus hours a day, eating one meal a day and secluded from everybody," he told Couric. "When I realized it was when it was a physical need. It was no longer just a mental, 'Oh, I want to play.' It was, 'I don't want to play anymore,' but physically, I had to play. I could not stop."

Pitcock credits the Colts with saving him from ruining his life further, but it wasn't an immediate change.

"They (the Colts) were there to help me, but it's like any addict, you can't get recovery until you're ready to accept you're an addict and that you want recovery, and that was the part I wasn't ready for," he said. "It took me at least six months to a year until I started going to the psychologist/psychiatrist provided by the Colts."

While Pitcock said he'll always be recovering gaming addict, he found that talking to someone helped him come to grips with his addiction. It's what he recommends for others who feel overwhelmed by the world of video games.

"Talk to a third party and just speak your mind," he said. "For me, I realized once I got things off my chest, it was a lot easier to get away from the games, because the games are a way to separate yourself from reality. Once you face the truth of reality, I think you can move forward."

Pitcock now plays with the Arena League's Orlando Predators, with hopes of getting back into the NFL.

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