Colts hype, ticket prices rise for Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis

Manning returns to Indy for Broncos game Sunday

INDIANAPOLIS - Even on the day the Indianapolis Colts faced San Diego on the road, the big event on most fans’ minds was the return of Peyton Manning to Lucas Oil Stadium next Sunday.

Sunday will mark the first time Manning has come back to play in Indianapolis since leaving for Denver before the 2012 season.

As the hype for the Colts vs. Broncos game grows, so are prices for tickets to the game.

Renny Harrison with Fanfare Tickets said people are looking to buy and sell their seats, and a lot of season ticket holders were hoping to cash in on the game.

Nic Breedlove is not one of the fans hoping to cash in. He thinks Sunday's match-up will be a classic game that fans will always remember.

He admitted to thinking about selling when the schedule came out, but his wife wouldn't let him.

"It would have to be a big amount. I love going to football games. I love going to Colts games. Peyton Manning was the quarterback for most of my life," Breedlove said.

Officials at Fanfare Tickets said they are selling upper-level seats for $175, with lower-level seats going for as much as $750.

The low price on stub hub is $189, with a high price at more than $1,000.

"I think everyone wants to see Peyton. I think this is a great opportunity for fans to see him and see what it’s like to have him back in our building," Harrison said.

Fanfare Tickets officials said interest for a Colts game has not been this high since 2007 when the Patriots came to town for the AFC Championship game.

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