Ravens defeat Colts 24-9 in first playoff game

Fans support their team after comeback season

BALTIMORE - The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Indianapolis Colts  24-9 during Sunday’s AFC wild-card game.

The previously struggling Ravens defense was staunch, inspired no doubt by star linebacker Ray Lewis appearing in his final home game before retiring.
Baltimore never let Colts standout rookie quarterback Andrew Luck get comfortable.
Fans agree, despite the loss, that this season was an improbable comeback season.
"I absolutely did not imagine 11 wins, but I am so excited that we have 11," said fan Joy Niles.
"I never expected it to be like this. Andrew Luck stepped up and has been way more than I ever thought he would be," said fan Shelly Bostic.
The loss ended the Colts' turnaround season in which they went from 2-14 to the playoffs in coach Chuck Pagano's first year in Indianapolis (11-6). Pagano missed 12 weeks while undergoing treatment for leukemia and returned last week.
"We didn't really know coach Pagano too much up until the season started, but for us to get to know him on a very personal level, on a very deep level, I think it touched all of us as Colts fans and really brought us together," said fan Ken Niles.
After the game, fans took time to reflect on the positive that came from the season.
"What a great year. What a great year. Come up a little short but we'll kick their butt next year," said fan Steve Roy.

Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was hospitalized Sunday morning with an undisclosed illness and was not at the game, the team said he was doing well.

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