Crean vs. Meyer: Indiana basketball fans weigh in on confrontation with Michigan coach

Fans mixed over IU coach's behavior

INDIANAPOLIS - Another game, another episode in which Indiana University coach Tom Crean created as many headlines himself as his Hoosiers, who won the Big Ten regular season title outright in a thrilling 72-71 win at Michigan on Sunday.

Basking in the glow of the Hoosiers' come-from-behind victory , Crean encountered Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer in the middle of the court and promptly gave him a piece of his mind.

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RTV6's camera was apparently the only one to capture the confrontation in which Crean shouted, "You know what you did. You helped wreck the program. You helped wreck our program."

Meyer appeared to be taken aback and then walked off, while Crean, escorted by an assistant coach, turned and smiled widely as he left the court. He then apologized for the outburst Monday morning.

The confrontation marked the second time within a week that Crean has been in the spotlight.

After a home loss to Ohio State on Tuesday, Crean went ahead with plans to have his team cut down the nets to celebrate what was then a share of the Big Ten regular season title.

On IU basketball fan site , Hoosier faithful were again mixed over whether Crean had done the right thing in the Meyer confrontation.

"I think this is proof we have the right guy for the job," one fan posted. "Love that he'll stand up for what's right."

"I'm very pleased (with coach Crean) overall, but this outburst, along with cutting down the nets last week, are two pretty bad blunders in a short span of time," another fan posted. "He's not the first top-notch coach to do a few embarrassing things we wished he hadn't done."

Some thought Crean had lost perspective of the history his team had just made, but others thought the resurrection of the program justified the response.

"It's called taking the high road. I'm not upset at Crean, but I do wish he had abstained from confronting Meyer in public right after we won the championship," one fan posted.

"Go get 'em coach Crean. You had to deal with the smoldering crater left behind by the previous staff, and Meyer was part of that," another fan commented.

Some just realized that Crean was in a very emotional situation and might have been caught up in the moment.


"I was a little bit surprised, but after I thought about it a little while I know he gets caught up in the moment," said IU fan Greg Brinegar.


"I'm sure there was some heatedness about the game as well," IU student Spencer Meyer said. "I guess all Crean probably did was just give an emotional response from a heated game."

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