Harbaugh parents, sister discuss having brothers Jim, John competing in Super Bowl

Sister: Game is 'uncharted waters'

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The big story leading up to Super Bowl XLVII is the Harbaugh brothers coaching head-to-head -- Jim Harbaugh with San Francisco, John with Baltimore.

The coaches' parents, Jack and Jackie, and younger sister, Joani Crean -- who is married to IU men's basketball coach Tom Crean -- talked with RTV6's Brad Brown about how they're gearing up for the major family feud.

"It's uncharted waters," said Joani. "It's going to be a lot of fun though. I think the one thing we all need to agree upon for our sake… if we don't enjoy it, we're going to let a great opportunity slip through our fingers. So we're going to enjoy it."

Jackie echoed her daughter's excitement.

"It's a joyful moment for our whole entire family," Jackie said. "But especially for my father, who's 97 years old who's going to be there, this is a joyful moment for him too.

"And our brothers and sisters, and quite frankly all of our extended football family, all the teams we've been associated with… I'd like to say thank you to all those friends and players who have called us this week to say congratulations. How special that is to hear from them." 

But as Jack explained, watching their sons' teams compete hasn't always been so joyous, especially early in the 49ers game on Championship Sunday.

"Watching the 49ers game, the 49ers go down 17 to nothing and we're down in the basement watching and finally Jackie turns to me and says, 'Jack, do something! Do something!'… she goes upstairs and watches the game upstairs without me, as if that's going to change things."

Watch the video for more of the Harbaughs' interview with RTV6.

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