Cool weather doesn't deter fans at IMS

Opening day brought the fans out in hats, coats

SPEEDWAY, Ind. - Rain and cool weather did not keep race fans from enjoying opening day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday was the first chance for drivers to turn laps at the Brickyard and for fans to get a taste of the action.

Despite temperatures below 50 degrees to start the day, fans said the weather didn’t matter.

“Every few years it’s really cold. I’ve been here before when it snowed, so I always bring extra clothes,” said fan Lisa Fitzpatrick.

The show went on as it always does. The 2014 450 Horsepower Corvette Stingray pace car was unveiled as three-time winner Johnny Rutherford looked on.

“For a rookie that wants to get out there, that’s eager. That is where you want to calm him down and make sure everything is good so they can go out and learn like they should,” Rutherford said.

The weather may have kept some fans home, but for others, it was their introduction to the legend of the IMS.

“This is my first time every being here .Ever. It’s cold,” said fan Abbey Hutton.

Opening day did not consist of normal May weather, but it was still thrilling for Mayor Greg Ballard who remembered listening to the race on a radio as a kid.

“I get to wave the green flag to start practice every May. Get to ride around the track in the pace car. Mario Andretti drove me around one year. This stuff is still very thrilling to me,” Ballard said.

RTV6 is the only place to see the race Sunday May 26.

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