Marian University football team wins NAIA national title with overtime field goal

Marian launched football program 6 years ago

ROME, Ga. - Marian University won its first NAIA national championship with an overtime field goal Thursday night.

The team took on Morningside College of Iowa in Georgia in its first-ever trip to the national title game.

The Marian Knights didn't lead until the fourth quarter, but when Morningside scored a touchdown in the last minute, Marian answered with a field goal to push play into overtime.

Another field goal sealed the Knights' win, 30-27.

“The outpour of emotion to watch the entire game, watch the first half, watch them come out of the second half. It was a different team,” said fan Adriane Johnson.

Morningside was ranked third in the country and had an undefeated season.

Marian launched its football program just six years ago.

“You know how far they’ve come from one game six years ago to winning the championship,” said Sister Norma. “It’s that never give up attitude.”

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