Miller, Lee meet before Pacers-Knicks game

Lee videobombs Miller report

NEW YORK - Has it already been 18 years?

Reggie Miller scored eight points in New York in the closing seconds of the first game of the Indiana Pacers' NBA playoff series with the New York Knicks, propelling the Pacers to a 107-105 win.

Eighteen years later, Miller, now an analyst for TNT, conversed before the game with filmmaker and well-known Knicks fan Spike Lee while video cameras rolled and still cameras snapped.

The two had a terse relationship in the 1990s, when trash talking and Miller's "choke artists" jab at the Knicks inflamed the fan bases.

While the two exchanged pregame pleasantries, Lee later videobombed a live Miller report .

Of course, the game itself didn't turn out so well for Pacers fans this time around. The Knicks drubbed Indiana 105-79.

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