Pacers fans get excited for Game 7 against Miami

Pacers could go to Finals for 1st time since 2000

INDIANAPOLIS - Sales are showing that Pacers fans are more excited for Monday night’s game than they have been in years.

Two years ago, the Pacers were in last place when it came to fan attendance. 

This year, the team is up five spots, ranking 25 out of 30, and officials want to keep the momentum going.

“The excitement level is so much better than it has been in the past few years. It’s hard to describe actually. The roof gets blown off the place every time,” said 25-year fan Jeff Dillon.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Todd Taylor said team officials plan to capitalize on the renewed interest by keeping games affordable, continuing free giveaways and holding special events.

“I think that this group of guys really matches the state of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis. They’re hard working and they’re very likable, and they happen to be pretty good on the court,” Taylor said.

Team officials said the renewed excitement is being reflected courtside and at the box office.

“It feels great. I’m excited for them. They’re doing great,” said new fan Rashidia Proctor.

Many fans said that this new success will usher in a new generation of fans.

“It’s good for them, I mean, at least people are coming out and supporting them. I think they can see now what potential the Pacers have and so they’ll be more excited about the next season,” said fan Liz Stewart. “I don’t think they’ve gotten the credit up until now, but I’m excited that they’ve made it this far.”

If they win Game 7 against Miami, it will be the first time the Pacers will be in the NBA Finals since 2000.

The first game of the Finals will be in San Antonio on Thursday.

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