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Dry with fog possible overnight

At this point, I think we’re all ready for a break from rain and storm chances.  We’re getting in on a small one now.  Outside of a stray downpour, dry weather is expected tonight.  The tradeoff may come with patchy fog.  It’s another warm and muggy one for us, with lows around 70 degrees.

Sunday starts off dry, warm and humid.  Highs should reach into the middle to upper 80s.  The humidity will have us feeling more like the low to mid 90s though.  Rain chances?  Yeah, they’re back Sunday afternoon and into the evening.  Our main threat comes from heavy rain, as these will be slow movers.  Already soggy ground means it’s not going to take much water to cause some flooding issues.

Rain chances are lower, but still with us to start the week.  We finally break the pattern by Thursday!

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