5 years ago: Historic 2008 flood

INDIANAPOLIS - Flooding of historic proportions ravaged much of Indiana a little more than five years ago.

The Flood of 2008 will be remembered for the inundation of rain, up to 11 inches in some areas south of Indianapolis, and the devastation it left behind.

RTV6 and TheIndyChannel.com received thousands of pictures in the days during and after the historic flooding that caused millions of dollars in damage and took many years to recover from.

Here's a look back at those dramatic images:

2008 Flood Pics: http://bit.ly/1dSXUsI
More 2008 Flood Pics: http://bit.ly/15AoUtu
More 2008 Flood Pics: http://bit.ly/1dpPASH
More 2008 Flood Pics: http://bit.ly/1ck3GBY
More 2008 Flood Pics: http://bit.ly/14aXFCe

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